The membership regulations of SYUN Company


SYUN Company specializes in producing and supplying clean and safe agricultural products such as: vegetables, fruits and rice…Our producsts are produced and under closely quality management by Japanese experts. The motto of our company is to bring clean, safe and high-quality products to guarantee consumers’ health and quality life

Clause 1: Membership

Membership are customers who agree to our membership regulations, have registered to purchase SYUN vegetable box and are also authorized by SYUN.


Clause 2 : Services

Our company provides membership with following services:


2.The information of products


Clause 3: The registration of membership

Customers will complete the application form to become SYUN membership. However, we will refuse to grant membership even after completing application form if customers are in following case:

1.The customers who have broken our membership regulations and be taken away the membership before

2.The customers who have not paid all the products fee

3.The customers who have broken the civil, criminal laws and tax evasion

4.The customers who have behaviors that affect the prestige of others

5.The customers who need to be considered by our company


Clause 4: Changing membership information

If there is any change of your address or contact number, please contact us as soon as possible


Clause 5: Period of validity

1. Period of validity is 1 year from the date of completing the membership application

2. If customers do not make a request to cancelling membership 14 days before expiry date, the period will be automatically extended


Clause 6: Membership fees

1. After registering, customers will pay 2.000.000 as membership fees. This membership fee will support our company to provide you with the best services.

2. After the customers complete the application and pay membership fees, we will issue the membership ID and deliver products

3. The membership fee will be returned within 1 month from the date of cancelling membership

4. However, if you has not paid all of the expenses, lost and damaged the container intentionally, we will deduct amount equivalent to the expenses on security deposit and refund you the rest.

If the membership fee is not enough, we will ask the customers to pay the outstanding amount

5.The amount of money will be deducted from the fee:  

-  The payment for products that customers have not paid

- Customers lost or damaged the container intentionally

- Customers do not return the container to us


Clause 7: Payment

We have fixed a price for product. We will collect your money when delivering the products. If your order exceeds our fixed price, we will instruct you when receiving your order. In some case we will collect your money before delivering products


Clause 8: Late payment

In case the customers do not pay on time, we will count the interest at 14%/year


Clause 9: Suspending services

If customers break the following terms, our company will cancel membership immediately without informing. We will reassess the customers’ ability to consider whether we continue to provide the services or not:

1. Do not pay money or make a payment but not according to our payment method. It is hard for us to confirm whether you have paid or not

2. Using the fake information to register membership

3. The lack of information in the membership application.

4. Breaking one of the terms in membership regulations

5. Damaging reputation and prestige of the other customers or company

6. The length of service interruption is too long or we estimate that the customers do not continue to use our services


Clause 10: Cancelling membership

If you are one of the following cases, you will be cancelled membership

1. Do not pay on time or refuse to pay after being reminded by our company

2. Using the fake information to register membership

3. Using improper method to deduct money

4. Bankrupting or breaking the civil, criminal laws and tax evasion …

5. We assess that the customers are not appropriate to be our membership


Clause 11: Leaving association

1. In case of leaving association, customers must contact us and complete some procedures that assigned by our company

2. After completing the procedures, you will lose all benefits of membership. However, you still have to pay all debts (if any) for us


Clause 12: Violations

1. Not transferring the benefits of membership

2. The products provided by our company are not allowed trading without our agreement in writing


Clause 13: Collecting and using the membership information



Collecting, using or transferring the customers’ information to the third party must be allowed by customers according to clause 14


Clause 14: Membership information

We use the membership information to distinguish between customers and provide services, products and clear up queries

1. We will not reveal customers’ information to the third party without your agreement. However, we can not guarantee in the following cases:

2. The membership can affect other membership or the third party

3. Authorities request the customers’ information

4. If we use the delivery and after-sales services of other companies


Clause 15: Changing Membership regulations

If there is any changes in membership regulations, we will contact customers as soon as possible in writing, through the website or other forms


Clause 16: Complaint and claim


Any disputes arising in reaction to these regulations or the breach of these regulations shall be settled firstly be negotiation under goodwill, cooperativeness. Should the negotiation fail, the matter shall be submitted to the competent court in Japan or Viet Nam for settlement


Clause 17: Stopping delivery services temporarily

We will stop delivery services temporarily in cases:

1. Delivery equipments are repairing or maintaining.

2. In case of natural disaster, power cut, fire, war….

3. Legitimate reasons to stop services temporarily.


Clause 18: Cancelling delivery service


If any unexpected reasons that we have to cancel the delivery service occur, we will return the membership fee to you


Clause 19:

All of these above regulations are in accordance with the Law of SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM 



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