To ensure the freshness of vegetables and fruits, SYUN company use the methods of controlling temperature. It will keep our products at a fixed temperature when delivered from our workshop to customers.

Step 1:


We will calculate on harvesting each type of vegetables at appropriate time during the day. 


Step 2:

Vegetables are reserved in specialized fridge after being harvested. By being refrigerated immediately, vegetables are always fresh

Step 3:

We keep our workshop at a fixed temperature. We will put vegetables and ices in a specialized box that can keep heat

In the cold season, we may not put the ice in vegetable box


Step 4:

This specialized box is not influenced much by the temperature outside so it can keep the temperature inside stably at a particular time

Please keep the vegetable in fridge after receiving


Step 5:

After vegetables are packed, our staff will deliver them to you as soon as possilbe


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