We will answer your question about order, delivery and payment.


Here are some frequent questions:

Q. How to register membership ?

A. Please do not hesitate to contact us via website or phone. Our staff will come to your place and explain in detail


Q. How to register SYUN vegetable box ?

A. After becoming SYUN’s membership and registering SYUN vegetable box, we will deliver on a fixed day assigned by you weekly. After registering SYUN vegetable box, you do not need to order via website or phone weekly


Q. May I cancel my order if I can not receive it ?

A. Please contact us via website or phone 4 days before delivery date that you registered (not including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays


Q. May I select the delivery date?

A. You can choose a fixed delivery date weekly (e.g.every Tuesday) in our delivery schedule


Q. What if I can not receive the products directly?

A. After becoming SYUN’s membership, we will deliver the products to your address that registered. In irresistible case, we will contact you and come back later in the course of the day


Q. May I select the types of vegetable in SYUN vegetable box?

A. We are sorry that you can not select types of vegetable. However, your meals will have balanced nutrition with diversified types of vegetable 

Q. How can I pay for my order?

 A. After receiving products, you pay in cash to our delivery staff directly


Q. After terminating SYUN’s membership, can I receive my security deposit?

A. Should you want to terminate SYUN’s membership, we will refund you the amount of security deposit

However, if you has not paid all of the expenses, lost and damaged the container intentionally, we will deduct amount equivalent to the expenses on security deposit and refund you the rest

Please see the membership regulations for more detail


Q. In case of vegetables are not fresh or missing, what should I do?

A. In this case, please contact us via email or phone (tel: 0243-2474-383 or mobile 090-450-1023)

However, vegetables and fruits are fresh and unprocessed so in some cases we can not compensate. We apologize for this inconvenience

 Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can provide any more information.



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